Worlds Best Teredo Cabochons 218.10 + 227.00 + 217.00 Total 662.10 ct max3000


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Here are the only 3 Gem Cabochons Large
that have Pink/Red color this today is super rare almost impossible to find
Cut From a superb Rough only 3 Cabochon were with this rare Color
from a 15 year old Collection
from left to Right
1 Magnificent Toledo Cabochon 218.10ct Giant Oval Cabochon               98.50 x 57.50 x 5.00 mm
1 Magnificent Toledo Cabochon 227.00ct Giant Oval Cabochon
80.20 x 63.80 x 4.80 mm
1 Magnificent Toledo Cabochon 217.00ct Giant Oval Cabochon
98.60 x 51.80 x 5.10 mm
this set of three are sold as one lot
TEREDO (peanut wood),
Petrified fossil wood of Araucaria (conifer) with marine shells parasite tracks called “Teredo”. From Queensland, Australia. The white tracks were the original tunnels filled with mud during the fossilization. Every piece has a unique pattern. The area where is found is in the “Kennedy Ranges Radiolarite” near Carnarvon, Cretaceous period, age approx. 70 m.y.old.